We are delighted to invite you to this unique virtual experience created for the project by our partner, Immersive Trails…

Join us for a fascinating journey into the world of tea! In this virtual event, we’ll delve into the rich and painful history behind the tea plantations in Darjeeling and Sri Lanka. We will invite you to step back in time as we explore the origins of these renowned tea regions and to discover the challenges faced by tea plantation workers as we take you through a day in their lives. The event will uncover the inequities that exist throughout the process, from the cultivation of tea leaves to their arrival in the marketplace and will then bring you to gain a unique perspective on the sale of tea as we virtually guide you through the historic tea auction houses, warehouses, and wholesale areas in Calcutta. As we delve deeper, we’ll examine environmental impacts on tea production, showcasing its effects on both Darjeeling and Sri Lanka. This is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the tea industry and its intricate web of stories and flavours. Join us for an enlightening experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the humble tea leaf. RSVP now and be part of this virtual tea expedition.

This event is a pilot for a way of representing the histories and current practices of tea production for a general audience. We would welcome your attendance and feedback.